Collaborative Working in P7

Over the past week, the P7s have been working on a research and design task in mixed class groups. One third of the pupils are researching and building shelters, while the other 2/3 have been investigating and building planes and boats used during WW2.

Below is a snapshot of the work in progress. We’ll upload some pictures of the finished products after our exhibition on Friday.

P7A Leading the Learning

This week in P7 we have been learning about Air Raids and precautions taken during WWII to keep people safe.

After an introductory discussion, pupils chose to research one of the following topics further : The Blitz, blackouts, gas masks, shelters. After conducting their own research, pupils then chose how to present their findings. Some chose PowerPoint presentations, some made a mini book, some made a leaflet and others chose alternative apps on their iPads.

Following this, the pupils spent time learning from one another about the topics they didn’t pursue, before another class discussion to share what they had learned from one another.

A job well done. Nice work, P7A.

Sharing the Learning

In the lead up to our WW2 focus, P7 have been researching conflict from around the world – past and present. Having answered key questions the pupils worked in different ways to present their findings to pupils in all three classes. We are looking forward to lots more opportunities to mix and work together in the coming weeks.

Winter Crafting

It’s that time of year again! In P7A this week we have been sewing, stuffing, glueing, cutting and decorating little pine cone people (inspired by the crafts at the Winter Fair) and sock snowmen. With little help from adults, mainly related to attaching Pom Poms to hats, the kids took charge and got creative. We love our winter crafts and hope that you do too.