Street Hunt 

This morning, we went for a walk to find street signs, spot street ‘furniture’ and think of ideas for our street. 


The Street 

Thanks for all your character ideas for our topic, ‘The Street’. We had purposeful play on Tuesday and enjoyed moving around a rotation of play activities based around ‘The Street’. We’re excited to create Conker Street and introduce you to all the locals in a few weeks time at Parents Evening!

Soft start 

As part of our soft start mornings, where we do a whiteboard task once we’re unpacked, we decided to draw and discuss what it would be like to have elephant as a friend. We thought of the advantages and disadvantages and came up with some very creative ideas! 


We’ve started our P.E. unit on football. We headed over to the meadows, did a warm up run and developed our football skills with a variety of different team activities.