Month: November 2017

Conker FM Radio Show

We created our own Conker Street Radio station. We wanted to get the word out that we didn’t want a shoe factory to be built in the gap site on our street. We made protest posters, did a radio campaign and even had the local news channel, Conker TV, in to interview us on our views. We’re hoping that Mr MacDonald decides against the idea to build his shoe factory somewhere else!

Here’s the link to tune in:



Partner balances P2b

In P.E. we are doing our unit on Gymnastics. We worked on individual balances last week, thinking about different numbers of points of contact to create a balance. This week we worked on partner balances. Many of us also worked on becoming more confident at doing a forward roll!

P2C – ICT stars!

Massive well done to Ross and Penny, who managed to confidently navigate their computers today! Penny successfully opened up google maps to find Sciennes school and Ross copied and pasted his pictures on to word with no help at all!

The Street – P2C

We have loved our Street IDL topic, we have been taking part in lots of art, drama, technology and writing lessons. We worked together to create a Street and our own characters were put into different families. We celebrated the end of our topic with a traditional street party and garden show!