Month: May 2019

P3 picnic

We imagined the sun was shining! P3 were brilliant at making their food for the picnic and then sharing with the other classes! What a fun time! Thank you to all who helped!

Primary 3 picnic

What a busy day in primary 3! The weather didn’t stop us from having our P3 picnic with a focus on healthy eating. We just moved the party indoors! Each class made a tasty, healthy snack for the year group to eat at our picnic. P3A prepared pizza flatbreads, P3C made a selection of wraps and P3B made yummy fruit biscuits for pudding. It was a tight squeeze with all the blankets and teddies that joined us but the kids had a fun morning and the food went down a treat!

P3A cycle training

P3A had a wonderful day on Tuesday practising their cycling skills in the playground before going for a cycle around the meadows. A lot of the kids really showed a positive growth mindset and kept trying and challenging themselves! Bravo kids! Thanks so much to the instructors who gave their time to make it such an enjoyable day.

P3 Meadows fun

After some hard work in class this morning p3 decided to enjoy the sunshine in the Meadows for the afternoon. The kids had lots of fun playing rounders, football, tag, they even created obstacle courses, made daisy chains and put on a hula hoop show! I was really impressed with the kids playing rounders, they were so patient and encouraging when people were throwing and batting the ball. Well done to Oscar and Hamish who managed to catch the ball clean in the air causing their opponent to be out!

Cycling champions

Everyone in P3C showed great cycling skill today and enjoyed a cycle round the Meadows! What a lovely day for it! Check out Danny, Fraser, MacAskill-cycling up a tree!!

Thank you to all those that made it possible!