Month: June 2019

Sports Day P3A

Super effort today from the kids in all sports day events, great to see the boys and girls cheering each other on and also entertaining to watch the very interesting styles used for the skipping race!

Sports Day

Although the conditions were some what Arctic, P3C put their all into sports day! They cheered each other on, put their best effort in and had lots of fun!

They also put on an entertaining show for the spectators. There were some interesting styles of skipping, space hopping and sack racing in particular!

Well done P3C!

The Hermitage

The sun shone! How lucky were P3!! We had a fantastic day at the Hermitage. The children were fantastic and enjoyed den building, mini-beast hunt, some mindfulness, trail work, raft building and some green man clay artwork!

It was great to have so much support! Thanks to everyone!

Potion making

P3 got hands on in maths last week and made potions to practise measuring amounts in mls. The added bonus was getting to test the potion by blowing bubbles using, would you believe it, scissors!