Month: March 2020

Earth Hour

Hello 4s! Hope we are all adjusting well to our new learning environments and keeping ourselves safe and healthy. Here is a suggestion for some Saturday (!?) home learning.

Science:  Earth Hour is on 28 March at 8:30pm when we try to turn off as many electrical appliances as possible.  Make a list of/draw everything in your house that uses electricity.  What could you switch off that you don’t need?  Why is it important to cut down the electricity we use?

Choose an animal you want to learn more about.  Find out as much as you can about the animal and create a poster or factbook to show your learning.


I think you’ll be surprised at just how much electricity we use. I also think times like this will be a good opportunity to explore fun activities that require zero electricity.

Keep working hard, keep relaxing when you can and be mindful of your families. Choose kind.

P4 Team.

pdf-icon WWF Earth Hour Family_Guide

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Thank you to Sciennes mummy, Leda, who kindly came in on Thursday to plant with all three P4 classes. Please take care of your seeds and update us with their growth during this home learning period. We are missing you already! ❤️ Miss W, Mr H and Mrs B xxx

P4A Visit the Chocolatarium

As part of our learning about Scotland we visited a local business to learn about setting up a small local business and entrepreneurial skills. We explored the different roles involved in the production of chocolate and made our own tasty bars!!! We then used our learning to set up our own small fictional businesses in our cooperative learning groups.