Pizza Chefs

P3C braved the weather and headed off to pizza express where they enjoyed making a pizza. Even better was eating it!!


P3C outdoor learning

P3C headed outside to think about how the outdoors makes us feel! They had some lovely ideas!

Making a mess! P3A

We have been focusing on instruction writing in primary three this term. We have been learning about ‘bossy verbs’ and other features of instruction writing. We followed the instructions to conduct the experiment Make a Mess… There was lots of glitter, laughter, excitement, foam, goo, sticky fingers, a strong smell of vinegar and (thankfully) some table cloths!

Outdoor Maths

P3A went outdoors to practise their counting.Using chalk we drew lots of empty number lines and hopscotches and practised counting forwards and backwards as we jumped. We worked

in pairs and small groups and gave each other a starting number to count forwards or backwards from…some of us even counted in 2s, 5s and 10s as we hopped too!

Potato time!

Thanks to Anne and Kirsten, we grew our own potatoes this year! On Monday we harvested them (with many shouts of glee as each spud was found!). Today, thanks to Pauline, we chopped, baked and gobbled them all up (with a healthy side of ketchup and mayo!) Yum!