Month: June 2017

An eventful day!

Well, with only a day and a half to go, we’re making the most of our time together! It’s been a fantastic year. Thank you P1b. I’ve loved it.  Here are a few things that happened today:

Thanks for reading to us in French- very impressive!

We made Grass Head men and women! 

Thanks for bringing in your silkworms!


We loved our trip to Vogrie on Thursday. We went pond dipping (and caught frogs, fish, a newt and many other pond creatures), found and held tiny frogs, searched for mini beasts, played in the play park, went for a walk and just had a jolly good day being outside!
Thanks to Ann and Amy for coming to help!

Learning about Eid

One of our mummy’s, Nadia, came in to teach us about Eid. We got to make beautiful paper stars and she read us a story all about Eid and how Ramadan is based around the phases of the moon. Eid is a celebration at the end of Ramadan, where Muslims fast for a month.

Thank you for coming in, Nadia, and for the beautiful Eid gift bags you gave us.

Tesco Farm to Fork

Vicky, from Tesco’s Farm to Fork initiative came to teach us about food for fuel. We learned about foods that give us lasting energy, rather than sugary products that only give us a quick fix of energy!

We got to try lots of yummy fruits and vegetables.