Author: wfrench25

Ramadan and Eid

We were very lucky to have Nadia Latif in last week to tell us about Ramadan and Eid. She gave us an interesting presentation and then an art workshop relating to the moon.

P6 Egg Decorating Competition

Each year, I hold an annual egg decorating competition. I am always so impressed by the creativity and craftivity of classes and this year was no exception. The standard was very high and the mystery judge (definitely not me), had a hard time choosing. In the end the positions were first place for the chicks display shared by, Oscar, Hugo, Michael and Aly; second places to Alfie for his UFO, Science on a Scooter by Jamie; Forky by Catriona and Captain Underpants by Zahra and third places to Lois for Shrek, Pink Bird by Charis and Pink Donut by Shay.

Well done also to all the others who took part. The judge was genuinely torn and spoilt for choice. Thanks for all being so celebratory of all the winners. I’m so proud of you all.

P6B Dialogue

Today we pinched a good idea from Mr Gilchrist to help us learn about punctuating speech. We worked in table groups to make up the parts of a sentence with speech in it on whiteboards. Have a look and see if we got our punctuation correct.

P6B – Animal Lifecycles


Last week we were learning about animal lifecycles. We researched an animal of our choice and took notes on the lifecycles. We then looked at the features of a quality information poster before making our posters. We think they turned out really well. See what you think.

Primary 6 Earthquake Proof Buildings

A few weeks ago, we were learning about how engineers create buildings that can withstand earthquakes. Some of the features were: shock absorbers, tapering, strong shapes in the design and cross bracing.

Have a look at the ones we made and tested. Can you spot any of those design features?