Month: May 2021

The Peggy Sue

The Peggy Sue is the 46 feet long yacht from the fantastic Michael Morpurgo story, ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’. But what does 46 feet actually look like? P5A investigate converting imperial measurements to metric measurements and then measuring and mapping out some ACTUAL SIZE yachts!

Wolf Brother Clan Camps

The novel ‘Wolf Brother’ by Michelle Paver certainly gave us several descriptions of setting to analyse and to inspire. P5A create their own mini camps after reading the story of Torak’s experience with the Raven Clan…


Did you know that in Scotland, April fools day was traditionally called Huntigowk Day? P5 were well and truly fooled when told there could be no sweeties for their ‘fractions of amounts’ challenge and that they would have to paint stones to look like Skittles instead…

To be fair, they were all quite excited by the challenge. And completely fooled. Roll up some real sweeties…

Sensory Poetry

In August 2020, primary 5A visited the community garden to gather inspiration for their adjective-noun sensory poems.

Lush leaves

Warm sun

Sweet scent

Rough ground

Deep beds

Sleepy bulbs

Tiny seeds

Colourful petals

Calm space

Special place