Author: missdougal

Potato time!

Thanks to Anne and Kirsten, we grew our own potatoes this year! On Monday we harvested them (with many shouts of glee as each spud was found!). Today, thanks to Pauline, we chopped, baked and gobbled them all up (with a healthy side of ketchup and mayo!) Yum!

Beach Trip

We had a brilliant day at the beach building sandcastles, exploring and investigating rock pools with some local rangers! The rangers were impressed with our sea creature knowledge! Well done everyone and thank you to all the parents who came to help.

Relax kids

As part of our Health And Well Being week, we had a lovely relaxing session with Mrs Anderson. We focused on breathing, relaxing our bodies, discussed emotion words and made a human train! We are excited to try some of these strategies to help us relax before we go to bed!


Here are photos we took showing our learning today in maths. We spotted symmetry in nature and created our own symmetrical design!

Outdoor learning

We went on a mission to find all sorts of curious items in the nature garden. Among the list were- a dragon’s claw, a fairy’s dress, a witch’s wand and fairy eggs!

Newspaper writing

We had a special visitor in class today. Grace Darling from 1838! She told us her story and we wrote a newspaper report about it. We included:

– the name of our newspaper company

– a catchy title/ heading

– a picture and caption

– information about what happened

Can you spot these key features in our work?

Victorian Morning

We enjoyed our Victorian morning in school! The boys and girls came in different doors and sat separately, our teacher was strict, we had to sit in silence the whole time but we enjoyed stepping into the shoes of a Victorian child.