Author: Miss Rogerson

Sports Day P3A

Super effort today from the kids in all sports day events, great to see the boys and girls cheering each other on and also entertaining to watch the very interesting styles used for the skipping race!

Potion making

P3 got hands on in maths last week and made potions to practise measuring amounts in mls. The added bonus was getting to test the potion by blowing bubbles using, would you believe it, scissors!

Primary 3 picnic

What a busy day in primary 3! The weather didn’t stop us from having our P3 picnic with a focus on healthy eating. We just moved the party indoors! Each class made a tasty, healthy snack for the year group to eat at our picnic. P3A prepared pizza flatbreads, P3C made a selection of wraps and P3B made yummy fruit biscuits for pudding. It was a tight squeeze with all the blankets and teddies that joined us but the kids had a fun morning and the food went down a treat!

P3A cycle training

P3A had a wonderful day on Tuesday practising their cycling skills in the playground before going for a cycle around the meadows. A lot of the kids really showed a positive growth mindset and kept trying and challenging themselves! Bravo kids! Thanks so much to the instructors who gave their time to make it such an enjoyable day.

P3 Meadows fun

After some hard work in class this morning p3 decided to enjoy the sunshine in the Meadows for the afternoon. The kids had lots of fun playing rounders, football, tag, they even created obstacle courses, made daisy chains and put on a hula hoop show! I was really impressed with the kids playing rounders, they were so patient and encouraging when people were throwing and batting the ball. Well done to Oscar and Hamish who managed to catch the ball clean in the air causing their opponent to be out!

World Book Day in P3A

P3A had a really enjoyable Word Book Day. Here’s some of the photos from our day.

We made origami bookmarks and did a treasure hunt based on the book ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’. After break, some of us exchanged our tokens for books and the rest brought them home to be used in a shop. We enjoyed a visit from Mrs Barker who read some stories to the class. It seems a lot of the class are very fond of our current class novel ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’ as we had lots of magical characters in our room today…thankfully, ‘You Know Who’ didn’t cause too much havoc!

The P3 teachers were also entertained for the day trying to figure out how to sit down in our costumes. Life isn’t easy being a crayon….IMG_00216f92df8c-66b7-4b83-8b48-1a8c5575379e

P3A National Portrait Gallery

P3A visited the National Portrait Gallery on Thursday as part of our ‘Elements of Art’topic. The kids took part in a workshop called ‘Does a portrait need a face?’ They were all really engaged and had lots of interesting ideas about the paintings. The staff at the NPG really praised the kids about their enthusiasm and ideas!

Super Sewing in P3A

We really enjoyed creating our festive decorations using cross stitching. The kids were super at helping each other and kept trying even if they found it tricky! Thanks to the parents helpers and Mrs Mehmood who helped us, especially to thread needles! The kids did a great job and can’t wait to bring home their decorations for the holidays.

P3A Langhill Farm

Primary 3 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Langhill Farm today. They got to see how a dairy farm works and how the cows and calves are looked after every day. They learned a lot about dairy products, how much cows eat every day and how cows are milked. They even all got to try milk Charlotte the plastic cow!

Autumn Art

P3A took to the outdoors today to scavenge for leaves for an animal art activity. Needless to say, a massive pile of leaves keeps 30 kids happy and entertained for quite a while! Here’s a snapshot of some of our leafy creations from this afternoon